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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Memories

As I've had thoughts of Christmas, memories from my past keep crowding in my mind. As I have one memory, others come that I haven't thought about in years. For my latest post, I'm going to start listing the memories. They aren't sorted or sifted as to good memories or bad, happy or sad....they are just thoughts from past days of childhood, friends, and family....

The Nativity Scene at Centennial Park in Nashville
Candlelight Service at church
Going downtown to the department stores to see the Christmas displays
Harvey's Department store Christmas with Santa and the elevated train to ride above and see Toyland
Visiting nursing homes and "shut-ins" with mementos and Christmas presents
Mother's wonderment on the Christmas morning she awoke to find a very special Nativity scene under the tree.
A Beagle puppy
The Christmas Story
Daddy's last Christmas
A Davy Crocket make-believe play suit worn to church one Christmas that fell on Sunday.
Combat boots - slept in for nights afterwards
The orange and walnuts always in the stockings; not exciting but a tradition of simpler days
Singing 'round the piano
Caroling house to house
Egg Nog and Boiled Custard
Becker's Christmas cookies and cakes
The Christmas Parade with Daddy in it.
"Seeing the Lights" (driving around looking for the good ones)
Picking the tree and Mother getting the best price in town!!
Going to the cemetery to place fresh Christmas wreaths on family graves
Daddy's Honky Tonk lights
The ice skating pond display
Cutting my own tree - alone and crying
The Christmas of "no money"
Presents from Frank
Visiting my sister in Birmingham and going to their church for a special Christmas program
Toy catalogs from Sears
Christmas morning ALWAYS at home
Icicles being placed on the tree in PERFECT formation.....NO clumps!!
The traditional Cherry Cordial gift always for Mother
The Christmas BOX....gifts from one family to another and then the box being used the next year to send to another family member. The box is getting pretty beat up but it will continue to contain a gift to one from another across the miles.
The Christmas Bells, always hung on a doorknob

(Photo of the Nativity at Centennial Park, from the Internet)